Brand Positioning

Technology + Nail Art, Global technology nail art leader, enable everyone to enjoy the nail art fashion by technology and innovation.

Four brands


It is the first Internet nail device in the world. It is small and portable. The weight of V11 is 1.5KG, while the weight of M1 is only 0.5KG. Users can download the designer nail styles on the mobile APP and transmit them to the nail printer for printing via the WIFI hotspot.
The appearance of FULLMATE Customized Nail Printer can be customized according to the scenes. Nail services can be added in more business scenes to raise the premium of the original businesses and enhance customer's consumption experience. At present, we have developed the models for restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, SPA beauty salons and hair salons according to customer needs.
The world's first professional nail style designer team is established, and its members come from Italy, South Korea, New Zealand and the first-class design institutes in China. Based on global fashion trends and nail consumer data, we have designed nail style series that are popular in the market and share creative inspiration o the APP to let users feel the fashion spirit behind the design. All styles are equipped with consumables sets, and environmental and high-quality consumables are selected to make it convenient for nail technicians to restore the styles.
The first-generation nail printer has laid a technical foundation for the nail printer. V6/V7 series is the prototype of V9 series. V9 series has developed into mobile nail printer V11 and customized nail printer series.