DIY Nail Art - City Partner Program

Consumers attraction rich return simple operation

O2NAILS has created the world's first project of DIY Nail Art, which is a new operation model of "Nail Art+ Internet" with little limitation on sites, adapting to multi-scenario applications. It can be placed in shopping malls, universities, KTVs, airports, cinemas, hotel, gymnasiums etc. The model of simple operation and flexible investment is also a feature of DIY Nail Art. With no other competitive products of same types, it is of wide market and good development prospect.

Agency merits

The market of DIY Nail Art is under a blank period

We can seize market share of DIY Nail Art.

10㎡ site

We may get a profit of RMB660,000 a year and double the profit by scale operation.

Multiple Sites

It is adaptable to multi-site operation, and the profit can be doubled by combining different consumption models.

Regional protection

Operator implements the policy of regional protection.

Easy consumers attraction

The project attracts female consumers, and nail art with a high viscosity can attract consumers easily!

The project targets
at women.

DIY Nail Art is aimed at female consumers in the surrounding areas and makes profits at once after being placed. For female consumers, they will be loyal and regular consumers after one experience of nail DIY, which may promote continuous consumption.

Combined Consumption,
Rich Return

DIY Nail Art provides flexible payment options, such as by WeChat or Alipay. And it also supports for multiple consumption patterns, such as charge by style, by time or by package.


The Business Opportunities of Being Popular in Korea

About 40-50 people a day are stomping through the store, with a consumption of
RMB140-210 per capita. And monthly turnover is more than RMB210,000.

Powerful Functions

Intelligent Nail Art within 35 seconds, Scenario-based Customization and Regularly Update

Advertising fees can be
gained when operating

The placeholder of machine is for advertisements
and cooperation to promote resource exchange
and consumption.

Participatory Nail Art

With a design team of 40 people, we will create the popular series of nail art based on big data.

Follow the video to make nail art, fool-like operation, consumers easy to get started, easy to make nail style

With a design team of 40 people,
we will create the popular series of
nail art based on big data.

With reference to the latest fashion trends all over the world, the style with a design based on Japanese nail beauty, magazine, web star and global popular are included. The new style will be changed weekly, catering to female consumers from 15 to 50 years old.

The Overall Packaging Output of DIY Area

Design of DIY Area Consumable Tools Nail Printer Promotional Materials

The whole package design of the self-service nail zone, the supporting manicure style consumables and tools, the nail painting machine, the promotion materials and other packaged output, only need the venue and operation team, easy to invest in business.

Merchants of DIY Nail Art are popular in the world.

Cooperation consultation:

Free hotline: 400-098-1911

Tel.: 020-38732006