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Case Studies


Business Mod: K11 Beauty Digital Beauty Workshop

K11 cooperated with O'2NAILS to provide customers withcustomized services different from ordinary nail shopsthrough the photo printing technology of O'2NAILS nail printer,highlighting the product features of digital beauty workshop.

• Customized nail art through the DIY function of the nail printer.
• Drive the sales of peripheral beauty products through nail services.


Business Mode 1: Japanese Smart Nail Art (Unit Price: 150-550RMB)

SUMMERLAND Japanese Nail Salon is offering its customers a smart nail artservice with O'2NAILS nail printer when it opens its new store,as O'2NAILS nail printer can speed up the nail art servicegreatly while retaining the hand-painted sophistication of Japanese nail art,meanwhile offering the whole new nail art experience.

• Saves time for manicurists, finishing in an average of two hours.
• The print effect is clear and exquisite, comparable to Japanese nail art.
• Retention for more than one month with high customer satisfaction.
• Continue to offer fashionable nail art styles to attract new customers.
• High-definition and new-style hand drawing to stimulate old customers tochange and increase the consumption frequency.

Business Mode No.2: Self-service Nail Art (Unit Price: 50RMB per hour)

Since SUMMERLAND intelligent nail art service has been well received in the market,more and more customers wish to manage O'2NAILS printer for nail art.Take this chance, SUMMERLAND launched self-service nail art project withan aim to attract more customers without additional manpower.

• Through a cell phone control on nail printer, customers easily printhigh definition nail patterns.
• Even self-service can reach the level of nail salon.
• Customers get a sense of accomplishment in DIY.
• Customers get a sense of accomplishment in DIY.
• It is easy to add a new business by using nail gel and otheraccessories in the nail shop.


Business Mode: High-end Wedding Nail Art Customization Service

J.Sposa cooperated with O'2NAILS by virtue of the professional nail styledesigner from O'2NAILS, to customize nail style for J.Sposa's high-end wedding dress.Besides the wedding dress, J. Sposa takes nail art as the entry point to provide customer with more holistic modeling service, which differs from the general wedding dress rental.

• Professional nail artist customize nail style in line with wedding dress.
• Professional nail artist customized nail tips for customer.
• Nail tips easily to replace, convenient to match variety modelingof wedding/wedding photo.


Business Mode: Smart Nail Art (Unit Price: 40USD per time)

The first mall-type customer of O'2NAILS. The shopping mall is crowded,but the service speed of traditional nail art is difficult to transformthe flow of people in the mall. Applying O'2NAILS nail printer can printa good style in a few seconds, which solves the problem of nail art efficiency.

• Applying the nail printer, the daily turnover of the salon reachs 500-1000USD.
• The average turnover for the first two months was 14,500USD.
• Preparations have been made for the opening of the second nail shop.


Business Mode: UTOPA APP, Offline Experience, Online Purchase

Guangzhou GTLAND PLAZA is the new CBD of Guangzhou,the Beauty Center has gathered the latest scientific andtechnological beauty products. O'2NAILS nail printer tentered theCenter as a representative product, the Beauty Center hopes thatO'2NAILS nail printer fast and good service experiencecan attract more customers for the exhibition area.

• Guangzhou core business district,holidays: shopping mall customers,working day: white-collar workers.
• Driving the sales of peripheral electronic daily necessities through nail art service.
• Online store discount .


Business Mode: Training and Sales of Nail Printer

Yini Nail College, which is created by professor Jianxun Zheng, it has been committed to help students to start up business andobtain employment, professor Zheng knows that training a manicurist isnot easy, so Yini Nail College teamed up with O'2NAILS to help students realize theirentrepreneurial dreams faster through O'2NAILS nail printer. Meanwhile,professor Zheng as a nail style designer, he also hopes to create different nail stylesand break through the boundary of nail style via O'2NAILS nail printer.

• Help beginners to realize the dream of opening a shop faster.
• Manual+Technology, improve the quality of nail art.
• Any patterns can be printed, convenient for design development.