ArtproNail 3-minute Shape Gel Nail KitGenuine product

3-minute Shape Gel Nail Kit is a Revolutionary extension product which has a number of innovations changing the traditional experience of Nail extension.
Decorate nails without hurting the nails.

Get the extension gone within 3 minutes without grinding

▪ Manage it in five minutes ▪ Removing it by smearing ▪ without hurting the real nails

It is 0.15mm in thickness,
which facilitates the breath of fingertips

It is made with exclusive process. So thin that the fingertips have no burden.
So soft that the fingertips can move flexibly.

It can be seamlessly attached with the real nail, looking natural, vivid and comfortable

Since its launching for 3 years, it has become the common choice for women in the world.

Removing it by smearing without hurting the real nails

No trace is left after it is smeared with O2NAILS Nail Tips Remover. It is removed in a quick and environment friendly.

G + K set
Cover the nail surface

Each 3-minute Shape Gel Nail Kit including:
20 G transparent nail tips and 20 K transparent nail tips.

The best nail companion of O2NAILS Mobile Nail PrinterV11

With 3-minute Shape Gel Nail Kit and 35-second Making the nail painting effect more outstanding.

Perfect nail shapes to show the temperament

▪ Cover the short nail ▪ Lengthen painting ▪ Elegant single color

Tutorial shape gel nail extension

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Slightly polish the nail
surface for delustering
Compare at 1/3 trailing edge.
The nail tip prefers small to big
A proper amount of glue should be
spread to fully cover the surface of real nail
The nail tip only covers 2/3 of the
real nail. Squeeze it forward and paste it
Squeeze both sides of the nail tip,
and prevent the both sides from turning up
Dry cotton sheet is used to
remove the spilled glue
Manicure at the grinded round fracture
No need to grind the nail tip,
smooth interface spread with primer
Spread Gel builder
Strengthen the front edge
The radian of nail tip is natural and
smooth, which adds luster and transparency

Tutorial for removing the extension

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Grind nail surface
Remove the Top coat /
color gel/gel builder
Remove the gel layer
Remove the nail tips, and use the nail tip
remover to rub the nail surface back and forth
The real nails are not hurt.
Restore the natural luster of real nails