September 2021


In the past 58th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo 2021, O'2NAILS launched a new program under Brand NailPlayer for different applications and inspire more business ideas.

Beauty Training Conference

September 2019

Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 2019

Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin(IFA) is one of the largest and most influential consumer electronics and household appliances exhibitions at present. O'2NAILS participated in this year's IFA.

On the exhibition, O'2NAILS nail printer attracted many attention with its clear and efficient printing effect. Romanian television ProTV "iLIKE IT" program interviewed O'2NAILS and choose it as "BEST OF IFA BERLIN".

O'2NAILS nail printer shows the core competitiveness of innovation to the world, let the world witness the progress of China in the 70th National Day.


In the past 53rd China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo 2019, O'2NAILS lanuched three new models of intelligent manicure which suit for different application and inspire more businees idea.


This is an intelligent nail art workstation integrating display, publicity, storage and nail art services, which occupies a small space but has complete function.


An intelligent nail show room which decoration by the mix of modern simplicity and China classic style.


In DIY nail art area, we display O'2NAILS desktop nail printer and a whole set nail tools, with the help of video tutorial everyone can do the nail printing by themselves.

April 2019


Canton Fair Spring 2019

At the 125th Canton Fair, O2NAILS exhibited 3 series of nail printers, including portable, mobile and desktop. Of which, the portable nail printer with 5 brand new colors debuted.

January 2019

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

As a pioneer among technical nail companies in the world, O2NAILS announced its latest smart nail products at CES: Di5 Color Gel Mixing Pen and Mobile Nail Printer M1/H1.

Florida TV shot and reported our booth and praised our mobile nail printer as a technical product that makes life more convenient.

A reporter from Brazil TV was also deeply attracted by our booth and stopped to experience our mobile nail printer and praise its effects.

Bai Ling, a Chinese-American actress from Hollywood also appeared at CES. She is a pursuer of beauty and fashion, was attracted by our fashionable nail printer and took a group photo with our staff on site.

October 2018


At the 124th CANTON FAIR reputed as “the No. 1 fair in China”, O2NAILS feasted the buyers from the world with amazingly upgraded products and showcased the new mobile nail painter series: M1, H1 and F1 which were capable of being operated by mobile phone and much more stylish and lighter than the previous generation, and the new desktop series: V12, X12 and X12.5 which were produced by an integrated design, equipped with a touchable HD display and intended for applications in a variety of scenes.

At the interview in the Economic Information Broadcast on the Financial Channel CCTV-2, Ms. Guo Wei, Executive Director of Taiji Electronics Co., Ltd., expressed her confidence in expanding overseas markets for O2NAILS.

And the China Financial Report of the Channel called the O2NAILS nail painters the “hot cake” of the CANTON FAIR.

September 2018


At the Expo, we highlighted the 100 nail styles produced in a “human-machine” manner. These 100 styles were printed by nail printers and with artificial nail techniques, the combination of which made the production faster and the nails more attractive than those done artificially. O2NAILS brings technology, nail printing and education together and provides Stylemate Intelligent Nail Art Education which will enable the beginner manicurists to absolutely master 100 popular nail styles in 3 days.

January 2018

2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

O2NAILS attended CES for many times in the past. We had new breakthrough products exhibited at CES this year. After being exhibited, our products received extensive attention from visitors and media reporters at home and abroad. After site experience, all of them spoke highly of O2NAILS nail printer. It was reported by the media such as CHINA DAILY, MASHABLE, Wall St TV and IPHONEDO. It was appraised as "Best of 2018 Chinese Innovation".

September 2017

China International Beauty Expo in Autumn 2017

O2NAILS had FULLMATE Mobile Nail Printer X11exhibited at China International Beauty Expo in autumn 2017. As one of the leading enterprises in nail industry and the first enterprise proposing the concept of "nail +", O2NAILS displays the business applications of the nail printer in multi-scenarios for the first time, showing the cross-industry charm of nail art. We will help those in the beauty industry expand their operation scenarios and further develop their operation ideas. We will help them increase customers, improve their profits and enhance users’ experience by operating the nail printers.

At the "Award Ceremony for China's Beauty Brand Plans" held during the beauty expo, Chamber of Beauty Culture & Cosmetics of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce Nail Standards Committee presented "Gold Award for Innovative Brands of Chinese Beauty Industry (CBC)" and "Gold Award for Top 10 Outstanding Brands of Chinese Beauty Industry (CBC)" to O2NAILS.

As a representative in the smart beauty industry, O2NAILS stood out from the crowd, become a hotspot among media and made a media headline quickly.

April 2017

Canton Fair in Spring 2017

O2NAILS came back with high praises from Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Thanks to the media coverage at home and abroad, O2NAILS attracted a lot of nail practitioners to visit O2NAILS booth for experience.

March 2017


O2NAILS CLUB was held at GT CLUB, Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town. Mr. Wu Ning, General Manager of O2NAILS, hosted the meeting and shared the latest operation ideas in the beauty industry. The leading figures in the beauty industry were all present.

China International Beauty Expo in Spring 2017

At the 46th China International Beauty Expo, numerous nail products competed with each other. Sales volume is the best proof of product strength. Many customers purchased O2NAILS nail printers at our booth. They showed their trust for our products by purchasing them.

January 2017

2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

O2NAILS brought revolutionary products to the 2017 CES. It attracted the attention of media with its nail art technology. From global well-known media like: Forbes Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Letv, GadgetFlow, Selfie TV, to Brazil fashion website: CONSUMIDOR MODERNO, O2NAILS products was given high appreciation.

December 2016


The annual meeting of O2NAILS was held on the Zhujiang River in Guangzhou. On that day, Edward, General Manager of Taiji Electronic Co., Ltd. summarized the performance in 2016. The company launched three revolutionary intelligent nail beautifying products in 2016, which were O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11, O-Light USB Flip LED Gel Light and O-PENS Color Gel Mixing Pen. It also launched O2NAILS APP, a global fashion nail style platform. Through intelligent hardware such as mobile nail painting machine, it is combined with the Internet, and committed to create the nail beautifying ecosystem. O2NAILS brand has more than 30 provincial and contributing distributors in China, and more than 40 national distributors overseas. O2NAILS Company passed the ISO9001 certification in 2016, which ensured the quality of O2NAILS products and services. In 2017 O2NAILS will sail to more parts of the world and allow everybody to easily enjoy the nail beautifying fashion.

November 2016


In the first O2NAILS Nail Printer Nail Style Design Competition, nearly 1,000 nail technicians from different of China will compete. In the two hours of competition, nail technicians will use O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer to print their own nail design. In the competition, the manicurists will combine the traditional nail art craftsmanship with the scientific color painting technology, and create better nail designs. This is the original intention of O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 and O2NAILS APP, its design platform. Through the convenient color painting, ideas of manicurists will be released, and they can create better nail designs.


After it was granted "the Professional Nail Product & Equipment Award" by Sister Beauty magazine, O2NAILS brand appeared on COSMORPOF AISA HONG KONG. At the scene of the exhibition, the professional nail styles designed by O2NAILS were recognized by practitioners of the nail sector from Japan, Singapore, South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries. In Hong Kong alone, more than 70 beauty salons, nail salons and spa stores use O2NAILS products. We can see that O2NAILS product has led the trend of nail printer machines.

October 2016


O2NAILS brand appeared in the consumer electronic product exhibition hall at Canton Fair in autumn. On the site, the people experiencing it could choose any photo in his/her mobile phone, and connect to O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 through O2NAILS APP to paint the picture on the nail. Combining technology and nail beautifying O2NAILS product, it not only drew the attention of the nail sector, but also drew the attention of many merchants focusing on the field of science and technology.

September 2016


With two revolutionary products (O-Light USB Flip LED Gel Light and O-Pens Color Gel Mixing Pen), O2NAILS attended CHINA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EXPO (GUANGZHOU) AUTUMN 2016 in September. At the same time, O2NAILS APP platform launched the multilingual function, which allowed the nail art lovers around the world to experience the new nail fashion lifestyle, and allowed the fashionable nail color painting function of O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 to be recognized by more consumers around the world.

August 2016


At O2NAILS’s new product release conference, the concept of nail beautifying ecosystem was proposed. The ecosystem is around O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11, the core product. It contains O2NAILS APP platform, O-Light USB Flip LED Gel Light, O-PENS Color Gel Mixing Pen and other technology products which subversive the nail beautifying method. It completely changed the service mode of nail salons, and was known by the media as "Apple in the nail sector".


O2NAILS APP fashion nail art platform has been launched for apple and android platform. It is the world’s first fashion nail style platform. This platform changes the method of communication between nail salons and consumers. The APP has more than 700 nail designs and updates every week. The styles are created by a top fashion designer team with many years of experience in fashion design. The materials, design, colors to match all lead the nail art fashion. O2NAILS APP also improves the communication between nail salons and consumers. All the styles of nail salons are available for consumers in first time.

July 2016


The 9 base color O-Pens Color Gel Mixing Pens that O'2NAILS has launched can modulate more than 130 kinds of colors through the data statistics of O-PENS APP, which is simple in color modulation and takes only three steps. The 9 base color O-Pens Gel is equivalent to 130 units of monochromatic nail gel, which has changed the inventory mode of one bottle for one color, and thus reduced the pressure of the merchants.


To provide better services to users of O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer, and allow users to paint the best nail design with the Nail Painting Machine, through years of efforts, O2NAILS brand built a design team with fashion and design background designing nails for consumers. When O2NAILS APP platform was launched, through study and analysis of the trend, O2NAILS nail style design team collected thousands kinds of materials, kept trying, and created the fantastic "Alice in Wonderland" Series of nail design for young girls. Now, users of O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer only need to login the nail style store of O2NAILS APP to get the nail styles designed by a professional team.

May 2016


Together with O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11, O2NAIL launched USB Flip LED Gel Light with a small size which could be used for phototherapy and drying. It can be easily used in nail salons and at home, and break the limit of place.

April 2016


O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 appeared on the booth of consumer electronic products at the Canton Fair. Many people who experienced the product there said that o2nails’s innovation of nail beautifying technology was incredible, and it was so easy to beautify nails with mobile phone.

March 2016


O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 was launched on CHINA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EXPO (GUANGZHOU) SPRING 2016 in March. Its compact and portable size, operation through mobile phone and the revolutionary function of mobile Internet greatly improve the convenience of nail painting application. It attracted a lot of TV media, and was highly praised by professional customers from all parts of China and Asian countries after they experienced personally.

January 2016


In 2016 Guangzhou Taiji Electronic Co., Ltd. launched O'2NAILS, a high-end and fashionable nail art brand. At the same time it launched O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11, which brought a revolutionary change to the global nail art industry and help nail salons to enter the era of mobile Internet. A user can use his/her mobile phone to choose a style designed by a designer in o2nails APP nail style store, transfer via WIFI, operate the nail painting machine, and easily put the beautiful and fashionable design on the finger tip. With powerful functions, it is highly praised by the nail sector.