Application values of nail printer in different industries

Nail printer has a huge application space. It can be used in operation scenes of various industries to help stores increase customers, strengthen customer consumption sustainability and improve the added value of the project.

Where can nail printer be used?

Nail printer+ nail salon

The special project can attract more customers and double the promotion effect.

The printing saves time effectively.02NAILS APP continuously provides the nail styles which conform to different consumer demands, makes them more willing to do printing styles and effectively improve the customer unit price of the nail salon.

It is no longer difficult to recruit people. It can solve staff mobility, and newly-recruited nail technicians can also do the printing well and save labor cost greatly.

Nail printer + hair salon

Hair dyeing and perming take a long time.The use of nail project can increase customers’ consumption and helps obtain the revenue twice with the same time.

Effectively help the stores increase customers. Customers will go to the stores by just putting the product at the gate to let passersby experience freely.

Nail printer + dress shop

Attract the nail enthusiasts to enter the store,gather more people, make them stay longer and increase the profit.

Increase the added value of main projects,match the same nail while buying clothes and strengthen store characteristics.

Nail printer + beauty salon

Increase selectable items for new-generation consumers, and make young girls enter the store for consumption.

Nail printer + catering industry

Remove the boredom of customers during queuing or waiting for food, and the number of customers will grow more and more.

Nail printer + coffee house

Women can drink coffee, chat and make nails. This is the potential demand of customers.

Nail printer + photo studio

It is upgraded as one-stop service, providing the most suitable nails for customers who take artistic photos or wedding photos, attracting more customers and earning more profits.

KTV Nail printer + KTV

Possess a group of young consumers who enjoy high entertainment, add new and interesting projects to improve the promotion effect.

Nail printer + beauty makeup counter

Change the traditional way of increasing customers by eyebrow makeup for free.Change another new way to attract more customers and add extra benefits.

Nail printer + cinema

Diversify cinema’s supporting entertainment facilities to improve the competitiveness of the cinema and attract more consumers.

Satisfy the recreational needs of audience before entering the cinema, turn the idle time of audience into extra revenue.