Words from industry VIPs

"Chen Guang"

Director of Chamber of Beauty Culture & Cosmetics of All-China
Federation of Industry & Commerce Nail Standards Committe

"O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 is a representative product in the development process of the beauty
industry, which indicates the arrival of the era of technology and intelligence. As we know, manicure is an industry
for craftsmen and completely dependent on workmanship. Now, we have intelligent machines. This is a good start."

"Zheng Jianxun"

Principal of Yini Nail Training School and
"Father of Chinese Manicure"

"O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 facilitates nail technicians all the more, make their creation
more freely and have direct control with mobile phones. It also provides customers with a fresh feeling."

Words from shop owners

"Shan Lixia"

CEO of Dongguan X-Milan
Nail Salon

"Many people are concerned about the profits made from O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 for nail shops. After using it,
X-Milan obtained a good profit. Firstly, it helped us reduce the cost. The cost of training manicurist was reduced.
As the styles were updated on the style mall weekly, our style development cost was reduced as well. Secondly, we
promoted over 600 pairs of nails in the first month. With technical painting, we can control the painting quality well."

"User from California"

"As a leading product in the nail shop, O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 has enhanced its competitiveness
in the shopping mall. The unit price was USD 40, and daily turnover was between USD 500-1,000. The turnover in
the first month was USD 13,000, and the turnover in the second month was USD 16,000. We have prepared for
opening of the second nail shop."

Words from consumers

"Xiao Yee from Taiwan"

"The styles made with O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 are very good-looking.
The painting speed is quite fast, and it seems to be done in a second."

"Shirley from Hong Kong"

"I am very interested in O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11.
The nail painting is very fresh and unique."